Inca is our newest baby! Born on the 18th of December 2009 she is a new and exciting addition to our pack. I came across this litter of beautiful blue babies on the internet and just could'nt resist!

Inca is now a year old and has turned in to a lovely girl, very pretty and a great little worker, she is sooo keen! :-) We've started Agility and Flyball training and shes picking it up quickly and loving it!

We plan to have Inca's hip scored and eye tested in the near future and subject to the results are considering a Lennon/Inca litter in 2012... watch this space!

January 2011: GOOD NEWS Incas hips have been scored at 4/5 =9  :-D

June 2011: Inca's competed in her first open flyball show, gained her FD title. Fastest time so far 4.23.

July 2011: Inca has tested DNA normal for CL. and passed her Gonioscopy and normal eye test with flying colours.

May 2012: Inca has been mated to Lennon and all being well pup's should be due in July!


>Pedigree: IncaPedigree for Inca
Border Collie

Hips: 4/5 =9
CEA: DNA clear by parentage
CL: DNA tested Normal
TNS: DNA clear by parentage
CPRA/PLL: Clinically unaffected
Gonioscopy: Tested Normal

Locheil Black Russian
Blue & White, born 20 Mar 2008, hips 3/4, elbows 0/0
Aust Jap Ch Nahrof The Talisman [Aust]
Black & White, born 8 Mar 1998, hips AVA-5/6, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Aust Ch Sheermyst Direct Hit [Aust]
Aust Grand Ch Nahrof Formal Affair [Aust]
Black & White, born 1 Mar 1991, hips AVA-2/2, CL normal, TNS normal
Locheil Vanity Fair
Black & White, born 22 Apr 2004, hips 4/4, TNS normal
Fin Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Fair Play [Fin]
Blue & White, born 11 Sep 2001, hips 3/2, FCI-A/A, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, TNS normal
Sh Ch Locheil Rave Review
Black & White, born 15 Jun 1997, hips 5/10, CEA normal, TNS normal
Bryning Super Cool
Blue & White, born 4 Dec 2007, hips 4/4, elbows 0/0
Bryning Quillan (ISDS 283594)
Chocolate Merle, born 21 May 2006, hips 3/4
Astra Ghost (ISDS 260359)
Slate Merle, born 3 Apr 2002, hips 0/2, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Canen Molly Malone By Bryning (ISDS 261520)
Black & White, born 14 Oct 2002, hips 4/3, CEA normal, TNS normal
Sheltysham Special Spode To Bryning
Blue & White, born 20 Oct 2003, hips 3/6, CEA normal, TNS n
Wizaland Lucky Brew
Black & White, born 19 Jan 1997, hips 6/5, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS carrier
Sheltysham Borderbeau Country Dawn
Black & White, born 13 Aug 2001, hips 4/4

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VIGGO Inca's Daddy 

RIVER inca's Mummy 

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