All of Dylon and Lenny's pups have gone into Agility, so we are lucky enough to see most of them regularly and keep uptodate with their successes, Ive asked the owners to write a few lines about their pups and will update this page regularly when more get sent through.

Below are some of the dogs which Dylon and Lenny have sired. 

Lenny X Daizy (Flickcee Working Class Hero X Harrjak Drive me Daizy) Born 05/09/10

Tarn (Harrjak Tarnado) 


Jackie says:


Tarn is the first dog I have ever paid ‘proper’ money for! Up to now we have acquired a right mixture: a farm collie of dubious parentage, a mixed up rescue collie and a red tri collie we were given – our first pedigree from a litter my brother’s dog sired. This time I knew I wanted a black tri of a slight, athletic build which would hopefully be ideal for agility but most importantly, a dog with a first-class temperament, so when I saw Chel was mating her lovely Daizy to the stunning Lennon, I kept all fingers and toes crossed for a lovely boy! Hence Tarn arrived in our lives. What a gorgeous boy he is! So handsome, beautiful shiny coat, light-footed and the friendliest dog in the world! He is very high drive and I am going to have my work cut out keeping him calm around the rings. He loves to learn and has been doing some foundation work, jump bumps, wing wraps, some ladder and plenty of balance work. He’d much rather be running and tugging than sitting still so the control work needs some reinforcement!


 Maid (Harrjak Taylormaid For me)



Toni says:

Maid is the most full on pup I have ever owned! Desperate to work, very confident, and the sweetest nature - amazing with my daughter Lily. 
Her foundation work is fab! But moves too fast already for me :-)


 Zephyr (Harrjak Hell Raiser)


Patricia Says:

I have been so lucky with my dogs. Wilma, now 13 having reached the top is retired, and Zee Zee is now picking up trophies at Grade 6 and is 5 years old. Against this background I had been looking for my next dog for the last two years. After an unsuccessful mating of a likely pairing I sent Peter on to the Internet to see what was available. We were lucky that Chel had just had a puppy become available after a cancellation. We knew that Lenny is a great dog so we bought Zephyr sight unseen! That is how Zephyr came into our life. Harrjak Hell Raiser – how apt! Right from the start this bundle of fluff lived up to his name. Work, play or just rushing around, everything is done at full speed. His temperament is superb, he loves people (occasionally peeing on them in his excitement), he thinks all dogs are potential playmates (except Zee Zee who thinks he is a pain in the backside and regularly puts him in his place) and that training is an extension of play. Apart from training in the garden and indoors with me (supervised by Peter), he now goes to Brian Reed who is a top obedience trainer and to Lesley Olden for his agility. He is showing huge potential coping with basic jumping layouts and tunnels with ease! It is difficult to hold him back, but I must be sensible not to progress too quickly. It is going to be difficult to control Zephyr to achieve his full potential. I love him to bits. What a dog!!!!

Harrjak Holly Go Lightly 


Sue Says:
Holly is now 9 months old and can't believe where the last few months have gone. Since she was 9 weeks old I have clicker trained her to do all sorts of tricks and she certainly loves to learn, I think her attitude is "give me more"!  Although she may be a bit bossy with her siblings she is a delight, and having worked her on her socialisation she is just lovely with other dogs, children and people and just wants to be friends with everyone.  She is such lovely character and we both love her so much.  Holly is inquisitive (nosy) and shows no fear!  I introduced her to bump jumps at a early age and have moved on to small height jumps, she is certainly showing promise with great speed and is a positive tunnel fiend. We have already started wing wraps, first with a pole and then with a wing.  Her contact training started with a small down ramp, courtesy of my husband Roy, and taught her that it was fun to do and certainly rewarding in the food stakes! I have now moved onto clickering her waits and building speed off the contact with her favourite toys, currently I am only using the down ramp and have this on a very small height, she goes bonkers when I give her the contact command and certainly drives with enthuasim.
Will try and update you on her training on a regular basis.  We do a weekly session with her favourite friend Sennen, so that they can get used to training and watching others! 

 Harrjak Its All About Phaze



 Sarah says:

Phaze is the loveliest girl I could have wished for – I don’t like bitches and not too keen on tri’s – so I think this proves just how amazing the Daizy/Lenny litter is!! She has taken after her Daddy Lenny in the looks department and everyone always comments on the colour of her eyes….. Oh and the size of her ears!Phaze has really good drive but is really gentle with it and is just as happy snuggling up on the sofa as she is out playing with the others or working for her ball.I am so pleased with Phaze and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us J I would recommend a Lenny pup to anyone – as long as they are willing to put the love and hard work in you will get both back by the bucket load from your puppy Sarahx



Dylon X Flick (Dylon e do well X Foxtwist trouble 'n strife)  born 07/01/2008 

Rodney (Flickcee Hot Rod) 

Laura says :


Rodney is Laura's second agility dog, her first border collie. Rodney is from Dylon E Do Well and Foxtwist Trouble and Strife. At his first show, Rugby, (July 2009) he won his first grade 3 agility class, moving him into grade 4. A couple of weeks later he went grade 5, few weeks after that grade 6. Then by March 2010 he was into grade 7. For such a young dog Rodney has been fantastic; ...actually for any dog, results wise she couldn’t be happier. He has got a reserve championship ticket, qualified for AND WON Olympia 2010, qualified through to Crufts 2011 and is on the British European Team for 2011. Read her blog for updates

Kiki (Flickcee Hells angel)

Better Photo to follow 



Lynne says: 

Basically she is perfect ;-) She is very funny and makes me laugh everyday (although I am a bit silly with her!)

 She is so much fun to be around. She is also the cleverest little dog I have ever owned and takes my breath away. She loves to learn something new and gets very excited! It was amazing to take her to Britains Got Talent, and she was fantastic with the huge crowds, loved doing her little tricks and saying hello to everyone..and I mean everyone!! lol!

She is unbelievably cuddly and incredibally sweet, she is always kissing the cats, ah bless her. Basically she loves life and making the most of it, everything is fun for her and an adventure, she loves swimming too. Of course life is all about her and she is my liitle princess! Oh and if you just throw the ball again, and again and again!! lol! Love her so much, cheeky Kiki, my perfect little girlie


Lenny (Flickcee Working Class Hero) 



Lenny lives here with us and has his own page on this site.

 Mika (Flickcee Happy Ending)




Mika lives here with us and has his own page on this site:


Dylon X Indi (Dylon E Do Well X Borderstorm Indi-Go) Born 10/11/2007(2nd Litter)

 Roxy (Indistorm Rox Star)


Vicky says:

 I wasn't planning on a puppy when I got Roxy but I had asked Susan to be there when the puppies were born and had joked that if there was a tri bitch I might be tempted... only because I was pretty sure there wouldn't be one.  The day Indi went into labour I was at an agility show in Glasgow, so sped back as quick as possible.  Several hours later when I walked into the room where Indi was giving birth out popped Roxy as if she was meant to be mine. 

Roxy is a very exciting dog.  I am never bored with her, she loves life and agility.  I wouldn't say she is an easy dog... but that is exactly what I wanted. Her enthusiasm sometimes doesn't do her any favours.  We are just overcoming her problem of knocking jumps all the time (I don't think my pregnancy bump last year helped the problem!).  Having said that she hasn't had many clear rounds at all but has still got to grade 6.  Even when it all goes wrong I come out of the ring with a smile on my face because she puts her heart and soul into it.  At training she is the leader of the naughty gang and has a great skill of being able to kick sand from the equestrian centre floor over everyone, no matter how far away they sit.
At home she is great, she loves the new baby and is just as fun as at agility.  She can alert me to my phone ringing before I can even hear it and loves a cuddle at bed time. 


 Dylon x Bliss (Dylon E Do Well X Touchango Ballistic) Born 13/01/2007

Vic (Touchango Victory Dance) 




(Vic lives in America with his owner Mia)


Mia Says:


 Vic is a great dog. Always up for a good time, but happy to relax around the house.

He is known for his vocal abilities while waiting to run in agility, but is all business on the course.

 Vic joined the USDAA Hall of Fame when he was still just 3 and will finish his ADCh-Silver as a 4 year old. Vic was also ranked in the Top 10 in Jumpers in 2009 and 2010 and was the #1 Snooker dog in 2010.

He has been everything I hoped for and more.

ZAP (Touchango  Lightning ZAP)




(Zap lives in America with her owner Maureen)



Maureen says:


Touchango Lightning Zap.  She has a lovely sweet temperament, is a
joy to live with, and gets along wonderfully with my other dogs. She's high
drive with plenty of speed. She has nice structure and loves to train.
Loves swimming too which is a good thing since she lives in the desert of
Southern California.  I looked for over a year before finding this breeding.
Thank you Julia for your help:)  Zap has had one litter of 4, 2 boys, 2
girls.  The pups were born November 1st, 2010.  Everyone loves their pup.


Dylon X Indi (Dylon E Do Well X Borderstorm Indi-Go) Born 06/11/2006 (1st Litter)

Daisy (Indistorm Crazy Daisy) 



Christine says:

Name:  Daisy (AKA Daisy Dot)
DOB:  6th November 2006
KC Name:  Indistorm Crazy Daisy.
KC Grade: 7
Daisy is as mad as a hatter, loves to play with her ball and tuggy and loves life.  What more can I say?  She's my girlie and she's absolutely gorgeous.




Dylon x Bliss (Dylon E Do Well X Touchango Ballistic) Born 04/12/2005

 Harry (Touchango to boldly Go)



Ava and Jeff say:

Harry - Touchango To Boldly Go born 4/12/05, Is now a grade 7 agility dog, perfect in every way except for a bit of noise sesitivity. He is the proud father of 5 puppies born on 10/01/10, colours 1 blue, 1 black & white, 3 tri, names makeitso Mr Baggins, Makeitso Hi Tek, Makeitso Take The Mick, Makeitso Midnight Echo & Makeitso Tue Pem all of which have gone to agility homes.

 Stardust (Touchango Shooting Star)


Stardust lives in America with her owner Carl.


Carl says:

Dylon and Bliss litter
Height: 50 cm at the withers
Weight: 15.5 kg

Stardust is an accomplished agility dog, she achieved the USDAA title
of Agility Dog Champion (ADCh) a few years ago. She is my main agility
dog and we compete in USDAA and AKC agility on a regular basis, and
train nearly every morning before work on our Sprinturf agility field
at home. Stardust is a big jumper just like her daddy Dylon and hardly
ever brings down a bar. She has running contacts and is a wild ride on
course -- a sleek, low-flyer. She also enjoys hiking in the cool
weather and swimming during hot days here in New Mexico. She shares
our home with four (!) other border collies, ranging in age from 2-13

I could go on but we don't want our audience to fall asleep -- haha!

 Woody (Touchango Wood E Do Well)





Woody lives here with us and has his own page on this site:


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