1997-2012.  R.I.P

Saffron was a rescue dog who I got as a puppy in 1997. She retired from competitive agility but still loved to bark her way around the Veteran and all-sorts classes up until her retirement a couple of years ago. Sadly Saffie became ill at the end of 2011 and was given peace on the 7th January 2012. A very special lady -never to be forgotten. 

In her time she competed in Advanced (grade 7) and was known as very fast but extremely scatty!!!! 

A Poem I wrote for Saffie:

In time I hope the memories won't fade away and die,
I just keep looking over at where you used to lie.
I just can't quite believe it yet,
That you've gone now and why,
And then it slowly hits me,
That I have to say good-bye

Your leads still hanging on the hook,
Food kept still in your bowl,
I can't get myself to wash it out,
Can't find it in my soul.

Can't yet begin to smile or laugh
Can't think back without pain,
of all the time and fun we had,
I want it all again.

You and I we shared it all,
The good times and the bad,
We worked and played together,
And I can't help but be sad,

That those good times have gone now,
Why did you go get old?
I knew this time would come now,
but I could not be told,

There's no way to replace you,
Cause they have broke the Mold,
There was only ever one of you,
My saf, my girl, my soul.

To those who never own a dog,
They'll never know the pain,
Of knowing that their best friend, will never breath again,

That you won't come a running, when I whistle or I call,
And I'll never hold you in my arms,
Or ask you for your paw.

In time I know I'll look back,
At all the times we had,
And hopefully with laughter,
And not feel quite so sad.

And so my girl, it had to end,
The time has finally come,
To spend my life without you,
Our good times now are done,

We will go on without you,
And let me rest assured
That you'll never be forgotten,
My very special one x

Love you saf, sleep well xx

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